Jingle Bell Wreath Ornament – Easy Craft

We have always loved making ornaments together as a family. Every year when we decorate the tree, there are ornaments that go allllll the way back to when I was a little kid and started making ornaments with my mom. It's fun to have a variety of ornament ideas for kids of all ages and abilities. … [Read more...]

Autumn Riddles and Jokes for Kids

Riddles and jokes are an ideal way to get kids laughing while helping to get their brains thinking at the same time. Here are some great autumn riddles and jokes for kids. There are lots of fun ways to use these riddles and jokes during the fall season. One of our favorite uses is to create fall … [Read more...]

FREE Cursive Handwriting Worksheets

With Computers, phones and all the rest of the technology of today, it seems that Cursive has sort of taken a back seat for kids. Our kids are going into 6th grade this year.  The only time I saw cursive being taught was in 3rd grade.  They learned how to write all the letters in cursive.  Now … [Read more...]

Hotel Transylvania 2 Young Monsters Training Camp Activities

We are seriously excited that there is going to be a Hotel Transylvania 2! We loved the original Hotel Transylvania and can't wait to see what comes with this follow-up. While waiting for the movie to hit theaters, your little ones can start training with these super fun Young Monsters Training Camp … [Read more...]

FREE Printable New Year’s Resolutions Activity Sheet for Kids

For all of us, both young and old, the start of a new year is a good  time to think about things we want to accomplish or things that we could improve upon.  That's where New Year's Resolutions come in. Help your child think about their goals with this free printable New Year's Resolutions … [Read more...]

Fall Leaf Printable Activity Sheet – Leaf Match

Fall is here and the leaves have been turning color and falling. I'm kind of dreading the day when they start to be covered by snow! In the meantime, we will hopefully have a few nice fall days to enjoy them. To explore fall leaves a bit further, we have a fun Fall Leaf Printable Activity Sheet. … [Read more...]

Enter Your Child for a Chance to Win a Trip to Disney’s Big Hero 6 Premier in LA!

Now through October 12th, your child can submit a video to enter for a chance to win Disney's Xprize Challenge! The winners will win a trip to Los Angeles and walk the red carpet at the Big Hero 6 premier! Here are a few things you need to know: Have your child create a video where they … [Read more...]

Printable 4th of July Word Search Puzzle

Printable 4th of July Word Search Puzzle It's almost time to celebrate Independence Day!  Have some fun and maybe sneak in a little learning along the way with this fun and FREE printable 4th of July Word Search Puzzle.  Your kids can hunt for 20 different words all related to the history of and … [Read more...]

FREE Printable Dr. Seuss Word Search

   Printable Dr. Seuss Word Search   Every March we celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday. No other American writer has had a bigger impact on children's literature than Dr. Seuss himself. His imaginative characters, vivid illustrations, and catchy rhymes are instantly recognizable to anyone … [Read more...]

FREE Printable Martin Luther King, Jr. Word Search Puzzle

  Help your kids learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. and have some fun in the process with this printable Martin Luther King, Jr. Word Search Puzzle.  It includes 18 words related to the man and his life.  Take some time to discuss what this words mean, why they are related to Martin Luther … [Read more...]

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