Outdoor Fall Games for Kids

What better way to celebrate the fall season than to head outdoors with the kids. Kids love to play games and playing outside provides them with fresh air. As the weather turns cooler, it can make the outdoors even more comfortable for running around and being active and, if it gets TOO cold, kids … [Read more...]

Over-the-Edge Dice Addition Game for Math Fun

Get ready to roll a big number with this fast-paced addition game. Each player takes turns rolling a die, racing to add up their points and reach the precise score of 50, without going over. If a player goes over 50, they have to start all over again at 0. This game is a heart-pounding addition … [Read more...]

Valentine Math Activity: Valentine’s Venn Diagram

Valentine's Day will soon be here and we're ready to have some fun and incorporate the fun themes of hearts and candy into learning with a Valentine Math Activity!   Valentine's Venn Diagram   In this simple math activity, your young learner will compare two types of Valentine’s Day … [Read more...]

Free Family Fun Weekend Activities

We're nearing the end of the holiday break with New Years Day this weekend. Since it's a holiday, we don't have lots of activities to share, BUT if you are looking for some family fun on a budget in the coming weeks, we have a fun list of national retailers with hands-on workshops, classes, and free … [Read more...]

Great Family Games for Game Night!

We all have those hard to buy for friends and family right?  Maybe it's those teenagers or the grandparents?  Perhaps you need something to give an entire family?  A game is the perfect gift and you really can't go wrong with a game. This is also the time of year that I stock up on games for my … [Read more...]

10 Free Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Summer is here! If you were a little bit lax in lining up summer fun before the season got here, you might be listening to the kids complaining about being bored. Even if you are on a budget, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do. There are many free activities out there to keep the kids … [Read more...]

Finding Dory Printable Activity Sheets

For many of us, the best part of Finding Nemo was Dory. When you think of characters with memorable lines and laughs, she takes the cake! So, how exciting is it that  this summer she is back as the big star in Disney•Pixar's FINDING DORY?!? I seriously CAN NOT WAIT for this movie. I mean we have … [Read more...]

Spring Word Search Puzzle Printable

Printable Spring Word Find Puzzle Spring is in the air! I think spring has to be one of our favorite seasons. Everything is coming back to life, the weather is getting warmer, and it means it will soon be summer break!  Spring is a fun time with lots of changes and lots of outdoor things to … [Read more...]

Shamrock Puppy St. Patrick’s Day Craft Activity

 Shamrock Puppy St. Patrick's Day Craft  This fun Shamrock Puppy St. Patrick's Day craft activity uses an upside-down shamrock to create a dog's face.  It's surprising how much a shamrock looks like a puppy! It's fun to make and easy to assemble. For older kids you can have them cut out … [Read more...]

Christmas Make a Word Puzzle Printable

Christmas is almost here!! Most kids are now out of school and you might be looking for some fun activities to keep them occupied. This Christmas Make A Word Puzzle printable is fun to do and will get them thinking. Using the letters in the word "Christmas" they can challenge their brains to come up … [Read more...]