Great Family Games for Game Night!

We all have those hard to buy for friends and family right?  Maybe it's those teenagers or the grandparents?  Perhaps you need something to give an entire family?  A game is the perfect gift and you really can't go wrong with a game. This is also the time of year that I stock up on games for my … [Read more...]

Blitzfire Quick-Shot Blasters Review

Without even opening the package, the best part of the Blitzfire Quick-Shot Blasters ... there are TWO blasters.  So for our twin daughters, it means no fighting, they each get one.  A great gift for siblings.  They can see who hits a chosen target.  The tree in the yard, or put a giant x on a piece … [Read more...]

IDO3D Vertical 3D Pen Review

I have two girls who love science and art.  They enjoy experiments, making things and creating.  It's fun to see what they will come up with.  I was excited to see what they would do with the IDO3D Vertical Pen Set.  It comes with three different pens.  My one daughter has a signature silhouette, … [Read more...]

Wet Head Game Review – Wet Family Fun! + Reader Giveaway!

Wet Head Game Review Games are way more fun when they are easy to play and laughter is involved.  Wet Head is super easy and of course lots of laughter just happens to be part it.  Our girls enjoyed it with friends on a hot day, they took turns adding cold water and warm water.  My favorite part is … [Read more...]

Double Ditto Game Review + Reader Giveaway!

We invited some friends over for game night, with hopes of giving this game a true test. Being that it's a fairly new game, from the fall of 2015, none of us had played it yet. Double Ditto gives a suggested minimum age of 10 ( possible 8 or 9 if they have strong reading and writing skills) and 4+ … [Read more...]

Para’kito Mosquito Repellent Review + Reader Giveaway

I'm not sure where you all live, I live in Minnesota, most people around here joke that our state bird is the Mosquito.  Even with that being said, we all look forward to the change of seasons. We eagerly anticipate spending more time outdoors in summer.  It's always a struggle though, finding the … [Read more...]

Review: Tall Tales Game – Imagination Required!

We received the Tall Tales game on a Friday.  With only one daughter home that day, I had hopes of waiting until her sister was home to open it.  Didn't happen... it was opened and my daughter and I played it right away.   The first thing we notice was how different Tall Tales was from other games. … [Read more...]

Miracles from Heaven – A Mom’s Movie Review

My family of four had the opportunity to attend an advance screening of the new movie Miracles from Heaven. Yes all four of us together, at a movie. That means my husband and I, along with our twin girls, who are almost 12.  I almost didn't watch the trailer beforehand, but decided if we were all … [Read more...]

Firetek Crossbow by Zing Review – Fun for Kids of ALL Ages

I have to admit I was pretty excited to be able to try the Firetek Crossbow by Zing.  Probably more excited than the kids.  Of course as soon as I started to open it, my husband was right there and had to try it first.  My favorite feature on this, it lights up, not only the crossbow itself but the … [Read more...]

Scrabble Twist Game Review – It’s Fun!

When I first heard about this game, memories of playing scrabble with my Grandma were the first thing I thought of.  My husband too, recalled playing scrabble for hours while he was at his parents cabin, with no phone or TV what else do people do?  So we had two excited adults, but our girls weren't … [Read more...]

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