Over-the-Edge Dice Addition Game for Math Fun

Get ready to roll a big number with this fast-paced addition game. Each player takes turns rolling a die, racing to add up their points and reach the precise score of 50, without going over. If a player goes over 50, they have to start all over again at 0. This game is a heart-pounding addition competition that’s all about the luck-of-the-roll. It’s also a fantastic way for your little one to master addition.


Over-the-Edge Dice Addition Game

What You Need:

  • Die
  • Scratch paper for each player
  • Pencil for each player
  • 2 or more players

What You Do:

  1. All players start with “0”.
  2. Ask the first player to roll the die and add “0” to it to find his new sum.
  3. Have him record his sum for the roll.
  4. Players should continue rolling, recording, and then passing the die and adding to their scores until one of the players reaches 50.
  5. When a player reaches 50, encourage then to shout, “50!” to add a little excitement to game play.
  6. For older kids looking for a bigger challenge, play the same game using multiplication instead. Ask the players what number they’d like to use as the winning number.

The Over-the-Edge Dice Addition Game is a fun math competition that’s all about the luck-of-the-roll and a fantastic way for kids to master addition.


  1. That sounds like it would be a fun way for kids to practice math without them groaning that they had to study. It’s great that i’s portable, so you could bring it along anywhere.

  2. Great teaching method for young school children that’s fun! Also a great way to spend time with your kids/grand kids!

  3. Jenna Wood says

    I love how simple this game is for anyone in the family. I’d probably try to bust this out on a long road trip, as well as use it for educational situations.

  4. Love it! I used to play a version of this with cards with my kids. I love that it can be done anywhere as long as you carry a die with you.

  5. This is so great! It is so important for the kids to have a good mathematical foundation for the rest of their lives. This makes it easy and fun to get them excited about it.

  6. thanks for the fun idea

  7. My kids would love to get this!

  8. Amanda Wood says

    this is SUCH a good idea! thank you for sharing!

  9. Jessica W. says

    I’m for anything that helps make learning fun for kids!

  10. shelly peterson says

    This sounds like a really fun game that also gets the kids minds working. love it.

  11. James Robert says

    A game that’s fun but yet educational, gotta love it!

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