Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh Reader Giveaway

Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh is coming to Netflix tomorrow, July 29th! Are you and your little ones are already fans of the movie HOME? If so, get ready to enjoy the all-new animated series that starts where the movie leaves off. Never saw the movie Home? That doesn't matter! You'll love … [Read more...]

Pete’s Dragon Printable Activity Sheets

Last night I was watching TV with my husband when a commercial for Pete's Dragon came on. He watched it intently and then told me, "I have to see that. Pete's Dragon a big part of my childhood." For a 40-something man who often is a bit of a tough guy to say that, it lets me know that there are a … [Read more...]

Ice Age: Collision Course Back to School Prize Pack Giveaway

This Friday, July 22, ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE will be in theaters nationwide. We can't wait to see what our favorite Ice Age characters are up to and to check out the new characters ready to bring us a lot of fun and laughs! . The previous Ice Age movies have all been so fun AND funny that we're … [Read more...]

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5 Fun Motivational Math Resources

During the lazy days of summer, Math isn't something we usually think about as a focus. BUT, summer can be a great time to brush up on math skills, make sure what is learned during the year isn't forgotten, and maybe even learn a few new things. That is much more likely to happen if it's FUN! Since … [Read more...]

Underdogs Printable Activity Sheet + DVD Giveaway

Underdogs is coming to DVD, Digital HD and On Demand from Starz Digital, on July 19, 2016. I have to be honest that we hadn't heard of this movie, but now that we have heard more about it, we're looking forward to watching! The story sounds both fun and uplifting and it has a super interesting cast … [Read more...]

Ice Age: Collision Course Printable Coloring Sheets

In less than two weeks, ICE AGE: COLLISION COURSE will be coming to the big screen in theaters across the country on July 22, 2016. The previous Ice Age movies have all been so fun AND funny that we're looking forward to seeing what Collision Course brings! Check out the … [Read more...]

Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones Recipe

While Little R may be a picky eater, there is one food that he will always eat - ice cream!! That is the case year-round, but when it comes to summer time, then ice cream is even more in demand because not only does it taste good, but it is also nice and cold!! Summer is such a good time for ice … [Read more...]

10 Free Activities to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

Summer is here! If you were a little bit lax in lining up summer fun before the season got here, you might be listening to the kids complaining about being bored. Even if you are on a budget, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do. There are many free activities out there to keep the kids … [Read more...]

Finding Dory Pudding Pops Recipe

Finding Dory is now in theaters everywhere! Since it has been 13 years since Finding Nemo made its way to the theaters, I love that there is a whole new generation that is getting to see the fun on the big screen for the first time! With so many Dory lovers out there and lots of Finding Dory … [Read more...]

Unofficial Minecraft Lab for Kids – Reader Giveaway

If you know a child as obsessed with Minecraft as Little R is, you probably know that they would be happy to spend 24 hours a day in front of the screen immersed in their world. While that doesn't sound anywhere near ideal, you can take that love of Minecraft and put it to good use with fun … [Read more...]

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