NEW Learning Resources Toys – Keep the Learning Going at Home!

I have always LOVED school. I remember being in kindergarten for the morning, then coming home, eating lunch, and “teaching” my own class all afternoon. It surprised absolutely no one when I decided to become a teacher. I stopped teaching when I had my first child, but I still enjoy create a learning environment for my children at home, both before they start school and also during vacations and weekends for my older children.

My children and I were very excited to try two new Learning Resources educational toys and games – Beaker Creatures and the Treehouse Engineering & Design Building Set – during a recent school break. These new toys for ages preschool to 5+ help develop the skills students need to shine while still fostering a love for learning. My kids had a BLAST with these!

Beaker Creatures

Beaker Creatures

This new line of science-themed collectibles combines the thrill of collecting with hands-on science experiments that help to build skills and spark curiosity. Beaker Creatures is founded in real science, from the fizzing Reactor Pods that reveal the creatures to the classification cards that help children identify the species they have uncovered. The Beaker Creatures set also doubles as a working lab set, complete with included science experiments that encourage more hands-on learning.

My kids were so excited to discover the creatures that they actually got into this set and the Reactor Pods before I could take pictures of them doing so! That part of the experiment was over quickly, but I’m glad to see that we can still use the Liquid Reactor Super Lab Set to perform our own at-home experiments using common household items like food coloring, glue, shaving cream, contact solution, baby oil, and the like.

Treehouse Engineering & Design Building Set

Improve design and engineering skills with this one-of-a-kind building set. Use the included activity cards to complete engineering challenges. Build railings, platforms, trees, and then use your problem solving skills to re-engineer your design. Kids will love building their tree house – parents will love that they’re actually building critical thinking and STEM skills.

This is a great toy for my kids especially as some of them like to follow a plan, and so the activity cards are perfect for them. Some just like to build their own thing, and the set is versatile enough for them to create their own configurations.

We had a LOT of fun with both of these new Learning Resources toys!


  1. Nidhi Chauhan says

    This looks like a great learning toy for kids. Who doesn’t like fun learning? Makes great gift too.

  2. Bernie Wallace says

    These look like great learning toys. It is very important to get children involved in STEM at an early age.

  3. Christina Gould says

    This looks like a lot of fun. I love educational games. Thanks for posting!

  4. Marisela Zuniga says

    I love how they have so many fun learning toys for all ages!! I’ll have to purchase some as Christmas gifts

  5. shelly peterson says

    These look like fun learning kits. These would be great for my grandsons.

  6. Dana Rodriguez says

    These sound like great toys. I love when learning and fun are combined!

  7. donna porter says

    This would be a great gift for my nephew. I like when you can add learning into fun activities.

  8. I like turtles.

  9. shelly peterson says

    I love learning toys. These would be great for my grandsons.

  10. rochelle haynes says

    This is nice looking good

  11. Dana Rodriguez says

    I love educational toys like this. Great gift idea!

  12. Marisela Zuniga says

    I love learning resources toys! They are all great learning toys for different ages

  13. I like toys that help kids learn and this looks fun

  14. It also looks to me like cool, fun desk art! I want one!

  15. What great learning toys for my grandsons!! Learning Resources makes the best products!

  16. Sara Tarver says

    Great article!

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