RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET Printable Activity Sheets: Coloring Pages, Games, and More

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I know we get excited about all the Disney movies, but RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET is right up there with the best of the bunchI had a chance to see an early screening last week and I can tell you that I can’t wait to see it again when it officially opens in theaters on November 21!

If you have seen the trailers you know there are lots of fun scenes – for example the Disney Princesses! The trailer scenes are only the tip of the iceberg, and you’ll see what I’m talking about once you see it yourself! There are only a few more days to wait!

Ralph Breaks The Internet Disney Princesses

The family film RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET (rated PG) is hitting theatres Wednesday, November 21st! This movie is getting lots of buzz and great reviews, and I know my kids are excited to see it!

RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET Printable Activity Sheets

For lots of Ralph Breaks the Internet fun at home, we have this great group of Ralph Breaks the Internet Printable Activity Sheets. They are a fun way to get excited about the upcoming movie and, once viewing it, relive the action and excitement at home.

Vanellope and Ralph Coloring Sheet

Yesss Coloring Sheet

Shank Coloring Sheet

Door Hanger

Spot the Difference

Memory Card Game

Design a Net User

KnowsMore Costume

About the movie:

In RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET, video-game bad guy Ralph (voice of John C. Reilly) and best friend Vanellope von Schweetz (voice of Sarah Silverman) leave the comforts of Litwak’s arcade in an attempt to save her game, Sugar Rush. Their quest takes them to the vast, uncharted world of the internet where they rely on the citizens of the internet—the Netizens—to help navigate their way. Lending a virtual hand are Yesss (voice of Taraji P. Henson), the head algorithm and the heart and soul of the trend-making site “BuzzzTube,” and Shank (voice of Gal Gadot), a tough-as-nails driver from a gritty online auto-racing game called Slaughter Race, a place Vanellope wholeheartedly embraces—so much so that Ralph worries he may lose the only friend he’s ever had.



RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET is rated PG and arrives in theatres everywhere on November 21st!

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  1. Bernie Wallace says

    My family is excited to see this movie. We have tickets for an advance screening on Monday. We are counting down the days.

  2. James Robert says

    My youngest will love this, thank you for sharing.

  3. shelly peterson says

    These are great activity sheets for my grandsons.

  4. Great coloring sheets! We actually just watched the first movie. We haven’t seen the second one yet.

  5. My grandsons love coloring sheets. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Marisela Zuniga says

    These are great activity sheets

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