Frobscottle Recipe from The BFG

Disclosure AffiliateFrobscottle Recipe - Make your own Frobscottle drink, just like Sophie and The BFG enjoy!

One of the most fun ways to make our favorite books and movies come alive at home is to create crafts and recipes that replicate things the characters themselves do, play, eat and drink. In The BFG, Sophie befriends the big, friendly giant, and learns of his favorite drink, Frobscottle.

Frobscottle is a special drink unique to giants. It’s a carbonated soft drink where the bubbles float downwards rather than upwards! You can create your own green and fizzy drink (we can’t guarantee the direction of the bubbles!) with this fun The BFG Frobscottle recipe that highlights each of the noted flavors. It’s not only fun to make a recipe straight out of the book, but it’s delicious too!

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You can serve your homemade Frobscottle in a regular glass, but for something a little more special and “giant-y” you can serve and store your Frobscottle in a clear glass bottle with a stopper held by a wire bail. Just be sure to store your Frobscottle in the refrigerator until you’re ready to drink it. It’s best served within a day. (It might last longer, but we haven’t tried it!)

Let’s get on to the recipe!

Frobscottle Recipe

The BFG Frobscottle Recipe


1 c water
2 c sugar
1 tbsp of cream
1 tsp vanilla extract
Green food coloring
1 liter club soda
Fresh raspberries

Combine water, sugar, and vanilla extract in a saucepan and bring to a simmer.
Turn down heat. Add cream and green food coloring (5-7 drops).
Let cool completely in a glass jar.
Once cool, add club soda and raspberries.

Print a copy of The BFG Frobscottle recipe HERE.


This BFG Frobscottle recipe will be just perfect for watching Disney’s The BFG when it comes to Blu-ray, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on November 29th!

For more BFG fun, check out our BFG Gobblefunk Glossary and Printable Word Search Puzzle. Combine them with your Frobscottle and you’ll have a regular BFG party! Have fun!


  1. shelly peterson says

    This looks like a good drink recipe.

  2. I would love to see this movie with my grandsons! Great recipe!

  3. The BFG Frobscottle Recipe is a fun drink to make and my kids would love to try this drink out. It sounds delicious.

  4. Christina A. says

    That is really cute! I haven’t seen this movie yet and wanted to see it! #notetoself 🙂

  5. Fun movie and fun drink. Thanks.

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