Easter Basket Candy Alternatives

Easter Basket Candy Alternatives

Name a holiday and it usually comes with some sort of candy accompaniment. Valentine’s Day = box of chocolates. Christmas = candy canes. Easter = baskets filled with candy. And yes, it can be fun to indulge and give our kids treats, but if you’re looking for some Easter basket candy alternatives to include along with or in place of the candy, read on!

#1 – Glove-A-Bubbles Bunny

With just a wave of a “gloved” hand, kids churn out loads of BUBBLES! These cool new “gloves” come with two packs of bubble solution. Pour into the pouch, dip the glove in and start making bubbles by simply waving back and forth. Available in lots of cute animal designs, the Glove-A-Bubbles Bunny is perfect for Easter!

#2 – Smooshy Mushy

Smooshy Mushy is the newest collectible craze, full of exciting, super S-Q-U-I-S-H-Y, slow-rise surprises! Bright and colorful, perfect for Easter baskets! Each Smooshy Mushy series includes one of eight randomly assorted, adorable Pets just waiting to be revealed. Unwrap the container to find out which scented Smooshy Mushy squishy surprise pops out from inside!

#3 – Stikbot Easter Eggs

This new line of Easter-themed Stikbot Pets is perfect for filling baskets! Colorful Stikbot Bunnies and Chicks are packed inside pastel-colored eggs. With nearly 200 million views on YouTube, Stikbot continues to turn kids into creative stop-motion animation movie makers, bringing imagination to life. New Stikbot Easter Eggs are collectible, too!

#4 – Calico Critters Baby Tree House

Can I just take a moment to say how ADORABLE Calico Critters are? We just love how cute and sweet they are and how they encourage creative play. This Easter, children can take the Baby Critters outside to play in this sweet little tree house. They can have the Baby Critters hop on the swing or rock in the hammock for outdoor fun. The tree house includes a table, chairs & steps along with Hazelnut Chipmunk baby Luke who is ready to play!

#5 – Calico Critters Baby Castle Playground

The fun continues in the Baby Castle Playground featuring Hopscotch Rabbit baby Grace included. Children can send the Baby Critter friends up the ladder to the lookout tower or send them slipping down the slide or playing with friends in the sandbox.

#6 – Calico Critters Baby Choo-Choo Train

Children can take Cuddle Bear baby traveling along this sweet sightseeing railway and stop at the mini-station when the Baby Critters arrive at their destination. The set includes two cars for riding and a mini-station for arrival and departures.

#7 – Utter Nonsense Game

Players combine silly accents with even sillier phrases to create sayings that are just plain ridiculous! Each round features one accent, and each player must read one of their Phrase Cards in said accent. The Nonsense Judge picks their favorite to win that round! You don’t have to be good at accents to play—have fun with it and be silly to make the phrases your own!

Silly Squeaks Toys

#8 – Silly Squeaks

Silly Squeaks are musical pets, each with 5 interactive songs and 16 surprise silly sounds! Each has their own genre from pop to country to Caribbean. They also each have their own musical note, so if you collect all 8 you’ll have the full scale. Press them on the back play fun music or push their silly faces to hear them speak! Kids will fall in love with their entertaining personalities and their soft, squishy feel!

What other Easter basket candy alternatives are you trying this year?

Easter Basket Candy Alternatives


  1. Shakeia Rieux says

    That’s a cute Easter basket! I think it’s a great idea to do it that way!

  2. These are all really good ideas. I really like the bubble glove, as my daughter have a hard time blowing bubbles. Also, the Stickbots are such a great idea of Easter egg prizes instead of candy.

  3. I like to put in lip gloss, hair ties, girly things.

  4. Susan Hartman says

    I love these ideas. I never heard of Stik Bots but they look like fun to open. My daughters had Calico Critters when they were young. They played in their doll house with them.

  5. John Smith says

    The Stikbot Easter Eggs look fun!


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