Lorax Truffula Tree Seed Craft

Do you have a favorite Dr. Seuss book? There are SO many to choose from, but one favorite is The Lorax! In this classic story, Dr. Seuss speaks through the vibrant character of the Lorax to warn against mindless progress and the danger it poses to the earth's natural beauty. Whether you're … [Read more...]

SLIMED DIY: A Guide to Making Slime at Home

One of the hottest DIY activities for kids right now is SLIME!! Have you made your own batch of slime yet? We just checked out the Slimed DIY book that includes 10 well tested recipes - enough to suit any kid's requirements. From Glitter and Gold Slime to a super cool Magnetic Slime, there is a … [Read more...]

Halloween Crafts and Recipes for Kids

We have been working on some fun Halloween crafts and recipes for kids both here and on our parent site, ThriftyJinxy.com.   Halloween is already a super fun holiday and it's even more when you can spend the weeks leading up to it making cute crafts and cooking delicious treats. While we have … [Read more...]