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Bunnies are super cute, but they can also be funny – especially when you make this Funny Bunny Craft! We love bunnies and by making them on craft sticks, it’s easy to make them hop all over the place and, with googly eyes, it’s easy to shake them and watch those eyes move!

This craft is easy to make for a wide variety of ages. For the smallest tots you may want to give them a hand drawing on the bunny’s face. While we used ordinary craft glue to put our bunnies together, you can opt to use stick-on eyes and stickers for embellishments to avoid using glue. (But a little glue is easy to wash off little fingers anyway!)

Bunny Cakes (Max and Ruby)Bunny Cakes (Max and Ruby)The Tale of Peter RabbitThe Tale of Peter RabbitThe Bunnies' PicnicThe Bunnies’ PicnicKnuffle Bunny: A Cautionary TaleKnuffle Bunny: A Cautionary TaleBunny BungalowBunny BungalowThe Runaway BunnyThe Runaway Bunny

This craft is perfect to celebrate Spring or Easter. They are also a great addition to classroom or homeschool curriculum to accompany rabbit or bunny-themed books such as Bunny Cakes, The Bunnies’ Picnic, Knuffle Bunny, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Bunny Bungalow or any other.

Bunny Foam Craft Supplies

Only a few supplies are needed for this funny bunny craft. You can pick them up at your local craft store (or many can be found at the dollar store) or, to make things easier, we also have links so you can find the supplies on Amazon. Let’s get to the craft!

Foam SheetsFoam SheetsSet of 24 Large Bunny Foam ShapesSet of 24 Large Bunny Foam ShapesKorlon 200 Pcs Craft SticksKorlon 200 Pcs Craft SticksWiggle Eyes Black 6mm To 13mmWiggle Eyes Black 6mm To 13mmWhaline Bulk Loose SequinsWhaline Bulk Loose SequinsAssorted Pom Poms for DIY Creative CraftsAssorted Pom Poms for DIY Creative Crafts


Funny Bunny Craft


Craft foam bunny (or cut your own from foam sheets)
craft sticks
googly eyes
sequins and other embellishments
pom poms

Funny Bunny Craft Sticks



  • Start by cutting the craft foam into bunny shapes or use pre-cut shapes.
  • Glue a craft stick to the back of your bunny, on the bottom.

Funny Bunny Pom Poms

  • Glue a pom pom onto the popsicle stick for the tail.
  • Turn the bunny over and decorate front as desired.

Draw Funny Bunny Faces

  • Add funny googly eyes, ribbon ties, sequins, glitter or other embellishments.
  • Finish your bunny by drawing on a silly face! Well, actually, a funny face, since it’s a funny bunny!

Make this Funny Bunny Craft using craft foam, craft sticks and embellishments. They can help celebrate spring or Easter or to accompany bunny-themed books.


  1. We have a few weeks off of school and I need to find all the fun to keep these kiddos busy. They’re going to love making these bunnies! Plus, I can only imagine the creativity that will follow with bunnies to use as puppets.

  2. So cute! I want to do this craft with my Moms Club over spring break!!! 🙂

  3. This is the most adorable foam bunny craft ever. Even though I no longer have littles ,I pretty much have all of these supplies and since I Love crafting, I may just make these for some cute home decor items for Spring season 🙂

  4. Katie Miller says

    So cute! My daughter would love to make these.

  5. This craft is so cute! It will be a lot of fun to do with kids in getting ready for Easter!

  6. How adorable are these little bunnies! I think they are a great craft to get the little ones in the Easter spirit!

  7. Those bunnies are so cute. They would make adorable place markers at the table for Easter dinner. I am a sucker for googly eyes. I would be in serious trouble if let loose with a large supply of them

  8. Those are cute little bunnies. I like that they have tails too.

  9. These are so neat. Looks like a fun crafting project for the kids.

  10. Shakeia Rieux says

    These are super cute and a great idea! My nieces will have so much fun making them.

  11. kathy pease says

    These are just adorable and I will have to make these with my granddaughter

  12. Susan Hartman says

    I would like to make a few of these myself. I can stick them in the many houseplants I own. Cute deco!

  13. Looks so cute. I love this craft

  14. The bunnies are so adorable! This would be fun for my grandsons to make around Easter time!

  15. Dana Rodriguez says

    These are really cute and so easy! Perfect craft for Spring!

  16. shelly peterson says

    what a cute craft idea. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Marisela Zuniga says

    I love this!! This will be fun to do for easter this year

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