May Kids Book Roundup

Summer is just around the corner, which is prime reading time around these here parts! My kids and I take a trip to the library at least once each week during the summer, but it's also convenient for us to have books around the house when we get through our library stacks. Here are some of the … [Read more...]

The Itchy Book by LeUyen Pham (Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! Series) + Reader Giveaway

My kids and I have really enjoyed all things Mo Willems, especially his Elephant & Piggie series. So we were heartbroken (at first) to find out that there wouldn't be any more new books published after The Thank You Book in 2016. Happily, we discovered that Elephant and Piggie live on through … [Read more...]

April Kids Book Roundup

I'm always on the lookout for new books to add to our home library! We also love giving books as birthday presents – whether by themselves as a collection or in addition to something that goes along with the book, like a toy or food item. Here are some of the latest books that have crossed our path … [Read more...]

I See Me! Personalized Book Review – Your Child Will Feel Special!

All five of my children have unique names – names they probably won't be able to find on coffee mugs, magnets, and other souvenirs as they get older. And I'm OK with that! I was always known by my first name and last initial throughout my school-aged years due to my name being rather common, and I … [Read more...]

Fill Your Kids’ Easter Baskets with National Geographic Kids Books + Reader Giveaway!

When I was growing up, my family had a different Easter basket tradition from the normal "hunt for it Easter morning" practice. Instead, my mom put together Easter baskets for us kids a couple weeks before Easter, and then we were allowed to have a little bit of candy from it each day. Honestly, I … [Read more...]

March Kids Book Roundup

Whether your child has an upcoming birthday or you're looking for something to do with your kids this summer, books are always a must to consider! Here are a few newer titles for you and your kids to enjoy. #1 – Bigfoot: Mysterious Monsters (Book 1) and Alien: Mysterious Monsters (Book 2) by … [Read more...]

Martin Luther King Jr Books for Kids

Help your kids learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. with books about his life and work appropriate for their reading level. This collection of MLK Jr. kids books includes picture biographies, stories about his principles and what he fought for, experiences from his life and why he is still so … [Read more...]

Three Fun Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Books + Reader Giveaway

It's finally December, which means the purists who wait until the first of the month to break out all things Christmas are having a blast today (right, Mom?). Whether it's jamming to all the holiday tunes, putting up the Christmas tree, or taking out the festive books and crafts, it's time to … [Read more...]

Build Animals and Cars with Quarto’s New Brick-Building Books + Reader Giveaway!

Do you have a kiddo that loves LEGOs? I sure do! All of my children love building with bricks, but my 8-year-old son is especially keen on them. It seems like from the minute he wakes up to the time he goes to bed, he's working on a new creation...whenever he's not at school, of course! My son was … [Read more...]

Books to Read this Fall

As  the weather turns cooler, it's a good time to cuddle up inside and read a few more books! That means it's a good time to add a few new books to your family's library this fall!  We've pulled together six books from Schiffer Kids that we think your kids will have a lot of fun reading while they … [Read more...]