TOMY Soccerborg – Robot Soccer Fun! + Reader Giveaway

Soccerborg Robot Soccer Game Review
Whether you and your kids love to play soccer or just love to watch it on TV take a look at Soccerborg! It’s a brand new innovative gaming experience from TOMY. We have been enjoying the World Cup and are ready to watch the final game this weekend, are you? It’s such a fun way for the whole world to come together and root for their own countries, other countries and just get excited about such a big event. There’s a lot to love about soccer.

You can take that soccer fun to a whole other place with Soccerborg where you replace the human players with remote controlled robots and then challenge each other head to head in a robotic game of soccer. The RC robots dribble, tackle, pass and shoot.

Soccerborg Stickers

TOMY sent us a Soccerborg set to take for a spin and have our own robot soccer match. Getting ready to play was fun in itself. We first assembled the included goals. Then we got to assemble our soccer robots and then design our own jerseys with the included sticker pack. You can add a name, a number and symbols. RJ did a better job than I did and decorated more of his robot than just the jersey – it looks cool!

Soccerborg Soccer Robot

I have to admit that I was TERRIBLE when I first tried to control my robot! It takes a while to catch on to how to make the controllers work – well at least for me. RJ caught on much more quickly. The controllers have multiple functions letting you move the robot forward and backward, turning left or right, and then kicking either along the ground or up in the air.



Since there are no specific robot soccer rules, you can make up your own as you play Soccerborg. We experimented with different sized fields and so far haven’t kept track of time. Maybe we’ll change things as we go along!

We had a LOT of laughs getting used to directing the robots. We keep getting better and right now our biggest hang up is separating our robots after they have tackled each other. We’ll keep practicing.

TOMY Electronic Game Soccerborg, Multi

Each Soccerborg pack comes with 2 robots, 4 bumpers, 2 balls, 2 remote controls, 2 goals and 1 sticker pack to design your robots. Soccerborg requires 10 AAA batteries in total – enough for both robots and controllers.

Soccerborg Game Box

Reader Giveaway: One lucky Jinxy Kids reader will win their ownΒ Soccerborg set! To enter, just complete the entry form below by 11:59pm ET on 8/6/18. Good luck!

Soccerborg Giveaway


  1. Charlene S. says

    My son is a soccer fan.

  2. Angela Saver says

    My daughter played soccer when she was younger! My nephew also loves soccer and would love this!

  3. We all love soccer, but my husband and older son will love this version!

  4. shelly peterson says

    My grandsons play soccer.

  5. Robin Abrams says

    Both my grand kids love playing soccer. My grand daughter is on the local team

  6. Kenneth Helmick says

    No one plays it yet, but we enjoy watching.

  7. Abigail Gibson says

    My nephew loves soccer and would love this toy.

  8. Gina Ferrell says

    My daughter is a huge soccer fan and plays soccer for her school.

  9. Everyone in my family is the huge fan of soccer. We enjoy watching World Cup this summer πŸ™‚
    Thank You!

  10. Alexandra Y says

    My son plays soccer.

  11. Azeem Isaahaque says

    My son loves soccer

  12. vickie couturier says

    oh yes I have a few grandsons that play and would totally enjoy this

  13. Jeanna Massman says

    My grandson would love this. He’s really into soccer.

  14. My son plays soccer.

  15. My son is a soccer fan.

  16. My nephew plays and loves soccer

  17. My son plays soccer and would like this toy.

  18. my older granddaughter was on the soccer team and soccer clinic this past year in High School.
    My daughter with the help of her older daughter has couched her 5 year old twins teams for the past year and planning to do it again this coming year

  19. We love playing soccer in our house

  20. Julie Lundstrom says

    My two nephew play soccer.

  21. Debbie Welchert says

    No soccer players in the family but my grandsons would love playing with these. Heck, I would love playing with them. They look like they are a lot of fun.

  22. My kids would love playing with this.

  23. Richard Hicks says

    Our son plays soccer quite a bit

  24. elizabeth miller says

    My grandson loves soccer and would love to play this.

  25. My grandson really enjoys playing and watching soccer. I think he would really enjoy playing with these

  26. Heather D says

    My daughter likes to play soccer with her friends. She loves it but I’m not a big fan.

  27. Kayla Harmon says

    looks fun

  28. Marilyn Nawara says

    My granddaughter has played Soccer on a team for the past 3 years. It’s a great sport for kids and enjoyable to watch.

  29. Tammy Iler says

    we love watching soccer

  30. Nicole Lancaster says

    My boys would enjoy playing Soccerborg .My husband is a big Manchester United fan.

  31. I know 2 10 year olds who are a huge fans.

  32. susan harrtman says

    My grandson would playing Soccerborg. It looks like fun.

  33. my nephew likes soccer

  34. Darlene Carbajal says

    Everyone in my family is a soccer fan!

  35. My godson is into soccer…he’d like this.

  36. My little grandson is a soccer player

  37. Antoinette M says

    This would be a gift for my nephew.

  38. Donna Teller says

    My niece and nephew both play soccer and would love this.

  39. my 5 year old absolutely loves soccer !:) so he would love this


  40. courtney b says

    my son would love this! he loves robots and soccer !

  41. Derek Miller says

    My son, daughter, and myself would love this. The combination of robots and soccer would be a real hit in my house.

  42. My niece that lives with me has played soccer since she was 7. So for about 5 years. My son is only 3 but he does try to play with her.

  43. My daughter is a soccer fan! Thanks for the chance to win!

  44. angela smith says

    Yes my youngest son plays soccer

  45. Seyma Bennett says

    Both my sons love soccer but my younger plays on a league.

  46. John Smith says

    “Let us know if anyone in your family is a soccer player or soccer fan OR who will enjoy playing Soccerborg if you win.” I have known people who enjoy watching and/or playing soccer. It’s one of the few sports for which I ever showed any natural aptitude, and I mind it less than other sports!

  47. My youngest son likes Soccer video games he would like this prize

  48. Tandi Cortez says

    My husband and my sons are big soccer fans.

  49. Roger Graham says

    My grandson would LOVE this!

  50. Jessica W. says

    My daughter will enjoy playing with this robot!

  51. Alecia Gibson says

    My 7 year old nephew enjoys playing soccer. I think he would have a blast playing with the soccerborg.

  52. Jerry Marquardt says

    My family and I are soccer fans. It is too hard for me to play but it is a kick to see them play.

  53. Celeste Herrin says

    My grandson is a huge soccer fan and plays every saturday morning.

  54. Mendy Dinsmore says

    I have a nephew who loves scoccer. He will enjoy it.

  55. Cheryl Chervitz says

    My two grandson’s would enjoy the Soccerborg game.

  56. My middle nephew would have a lot of fun with this Soccerborg set. Thank you for the chance to win.

  57. susan smoaks says

    we do not have a soccer player in the family. my son would have fun with this though.

  58. my son

  59. Joseph Stansbury says

    Looks like fun. We have a couple wannabe soccer kids.

  60. My nephew loves playing soccer and would love this robot.
    Thanks for the contest.

  61. My son enjoys playing soccer. This looks like a fun toy.

  62. Tammy Catterton says

    My nephew & niece are big soccer players here thanks . It is their favorite sport

  63. Roel Saenz says

    My nephew would love this. I’m already his favorite uncle but this will put me way ahead. πŸ™‚

  64. I’m getting my kids into soccer. I’m putting soccer cartoons and getting them excited about, this would be awesome!

  65. My kids love to play soccer.

  66. Patsy Ayres says

    This would be perfect for my Grandson, his birthday is August 15th.

  67. Looks like a fun toy

  68. We have 4 grandchildren who all play soccer. They would really enjoy playing this game on those rainy indoor days!

  69. This would be for Christian!

  70. Jennifer H says

    No soccer players here, but my husband would gladly play this with our son.

  71. My son plays soccer and he would really enjoy this is if I won this.

  72. Amy Smeltzer says

    My nieces and nephews all play in teams.

  73. Wow cool this this! My grandson loves building and does play soccer. He’d get a “kick” out of this to be sure.

  74. Michelle H. says

    My husband is the soccer fan in the family.

  75. Frances Watson says

    my grandson would love this thanks for the chance to win

  76. kathy pease says

    I would like to win this for my granddaughter πŸ™‚

  77. vivian blevins says

    my nephew

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