Over-the-Edge Dice Addition Game for Math Fun

Get ready to roll a big number with this fast-paced addition game. Each player takes turns rolling a die, racing to add up their points and reach the precise score of 50, without going over. If a player goes over 50, they have to start all over again at 0. This game is a heart-pounding addition … [Read more...]

Valentine Math Activity: Valentine’s Venn Diagram

Valentine's Day will soon be here and we're ready to have some fun and incorporate the fun themes of hearts and candy into learning with a Valentine Math Activity!   Valentine's Venn Diagram   In this simple math activity, your young learner will compare two types of Valentine’s Day … [Read more...]

FREE Easter SCOOT Problem Solving Set

Are your kids fans of SCOOT? If so they will love this version! This FREE Easter-inspired Scoot Problem Solving version will help them practice their addition and subtraction problem solving skills. (The set includes skills for sums and differences to 20. Several of the addition problems contain 3 … [Read more...]

Pi Day Printable Activity: Make Your OwnSneaky Pi Detector

Make math fun by celebrating PI DAY on March 14th. Pi Day should be about Making Math Memorable with hands-on activities. Now kids can prove Pi themselves in your their own hands with their own Sneaky Pi Detector. Grab this Pi Day printable activity for free at: http://www.sneakymath.com. Just print … [Read more...]