FREE Printable US Presidents Word Search

Perfect for President’s Day, we have a free Printable US Presidents Word Search! It can be used as part of a classroom U.S. History study unit or incorporated into a celebration for any of the patriotic holidays whether it’s Presidents Day, 4th of July, etc.

United States of America Flag

The US Presidents Word Search contains the hidden names of all 44 presidents of the United States. For names that are duplicated for two presidents, i.e. Adams and Roosevelt, they are each hidden in the puzzle twice. For an extra challenge, can you memorize all 44 names?  Click below to print a full-size copy or click  HERE.

us presidents word search

Free Printable Presidents Day Coloring Pages



  1. What a cute idea. We all have to learn our presidents and this is a good way to learn!

  2. Thank you for this, I printed it for my father. He like this stuff.

  3. (FREE Printable US Presidents Word Search) I love doing these word searches all the time, thanks for sharing this one with us-

  4. Everyone in our house has attempted to do this puzzle and we can only find 2 B’s in the whole puzzle and neither of them spells Bush or Obama. Is anyone else finding these names?

  5. The one that printed for me does not use the repeated twice. They are only there once. Van Buren is still in two separate places. I printed on 4-26-16

  6. Burgundy Love says

    I Don’t know if y’all was trying to be funny or what! But I’m black and OBAMA is not on there I feel offended and what did Bush to get left out! My 3rd students was looking for there president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love fun games like these that get kids into history.

  8. where is donald Trump?


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