Microsoft Surface Pro: Perfect Tablet for Kids! + Giveaway

We live in an electronic world.  Electronics are taking over so many aspects of life that it is really quite remarkable how far technology has come.  The Microsoft Surface Pro is no different.  These tablets are perfect for children of all ages.  From just learning motor skills to all the way … [Read more...]

Best Buy Tech Home: Safety, Convenience and Fun for YOUR Family

While the latest technology is a great source of entertainment for us and for our families, it is also a great tool to use for our safety and for our convenience. That is especially true when it comes to outfitting our homes with the latest smart technology. Best Buy is sharing all the latest … [Read more...]

Monitoring the Quality and Quantity of My Child’s Screen Time

It is definitely a different world out there than the one I grew up in! I have to constantly encourage my child to play outside and have to keep an eye on the amount of time he spends on media devices such as the iPad, iPhones, PS3, and more. Oh, did I mention he is 6 years old! I walked into our … [Read more...]

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