Free Printable Star Wars Chewbacca Word Search Puzzle

It's time to get ready celebrate Star Wars Day on May the 4th! It's the day to celebrate all things Star Wars, so get your Star Wars t-shirts ready to wear and plan some fun for the day! We have some fun specifically for Chewie with a free printable Chewbacca word search puzzle you can find below. … [Read more...]

Printable Easter Word Search Puzzle

It's almost time for Easter! Here in Minnesota Easter is always a "tricky" holiday because it reminds us of springtime with baby animals, flowers and all that cute stuff. BUT, we usually still have some snow on the ground (at least we do here in Minnesota!) and things don't really look much like … [Read more...]

Printable Religious Easter Word Search Puzzle

While Easter can be one of the most fun holidays to celebrate with all the candy, adorable bunnies and egg hunts, for Christians it is also the most religiously significant holiday because it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many of our most enjoyable Easter traditions have religious … [Read more...]

FREE Printable Valentine’s Day Word Search Puzzle

Have some fun with your little sweethearts with this free printable Valentine's Day Word Search Puzzle.  It features 17 words related to the holiday such as love, heart, flowers, friends and more. This makes a fun activity for a bit of quiet time at your Valentine's Day party or as an addition to … [Read more...]

Spring Word Search Puzzle Printable

Printable Spring Word Find Puzzle Spring is in the air! I think spring has to be one of our favorite seasons. Everything is coming back to life, the weather is getting warmer, and it means it will soon be summer break!  Spring is a fun time with lots of changes and lots of outdoor things to … [Read more...]

Celebrate National Puzzle Day with a FREE Pack of Puzzles Download

National Puzzle Day Have you been finding that you have been cooped up inside during this super cold (and snowy for some) winter most of us have been having? Puzzles are a fun way to spend the time while snuggled up indoors and coming up is a day DEDICATED to puzzles - - National Puzzle Day on … [Read more...]

FREE Printable Martin Luther King, Jr. Word Search Puzzle

Help your kids learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. and have some fun in the process with this printable Martin Luther King, Jr. Word Search Puzzle.  It includes 18 words related to the man and his life.  Take some time to discuss what this words mean, why they are related to Martin Luther King, Jr. … [Read more...]

Halloween Crossword Puzzle for Kids – Free Printable

It's time for some more holiday fun with this FREE printable Halloween crossword puzzle.  <<–Print the puzzle from that link.  Your kids can follow the simple clues to determine the Halloween themed words to complete the diagram. Find more Halloween fun from Jinxy Kids HERE! Thanks Family … [Read more...]