Build-a-Bear Disney Aladdin Bears Just Released

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Build-a-bear Abu

Disney Aladdin friends have now arrived at Build-A-Bear Workshop! They have created both an Aladdin and a Jasmine bear and, of course, a Genie!

Aladdin Movie Poster

We’re all excited that Disney’s live-action Aladdin comes to theaters nationwide on May 24, 2019, but now we can pass that time waiting with our own adorable Build-a-Bear Disney Aladdin Bears!

 The bears and costumes are available for purchase separately, or you can purchase any of these complete bears:

Disney Aladdin Build A Bear

Deluxe Online Exclusive Aladdin Inspired Bear Gift Set: Share a whole new world with your own Aladdin Inspired Bear! This online-exclusive stuffed animal gift set features this charming scoundrel in his signature costume. Plus, Aladdin’s trusty partner-in-crime Abu and a plush Genie Lamp complete the set. Grant every wish for Disney fans with this one-of-a-kind gift set!

Disney Jasmine Build A Bear

Deluxe Jasmine Inspired Bear “A Whole New World” Gift Set: Journey beyond the palace gates with Jasmine Inspired Bear in this enchanting Disney Aladdin gift set! Jasmine Inspired Bear looks like a true princess with her curly black wig, sparkly blue fur and gold paw pads. This magical stuffed animal plush comes dressed in royally cute fashions from faraway lands, including a two-piece princess costume and heels. The plush Genie Lamp is also included to make wishes come true! Plus, Jasmine Inspired Bear includes the timeless song “A Whole New World” on a sound chip, which can be heard every time you give her a hug. Celebrate the sparkly spirit of Princess Jasmine with this glittery teddy bear gift set!

Genie Inspired Bear Gift Set: Make some magic with Genie Inspired Bear! This Disney Aladdin stuffed animal gift set is a cuddly way to make wishes come true. It includes Genie Inspired Bear with his signature costume and plush Genie Lamp. Disney fans couldn’t wish for anything cuter than this big blue furry friend!

Build a Bear Disney Aladdin Bears

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