Personalized Toy Boxes – Make Toy Organization Fun!

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Toy organization is one of those things that seems to be a constant struggle. One of the things that can make it extra tricky is not having places to actually stash all the stuff OR resorting to use generic (and sometimes ugly) containers to find a place to keep all the toys. A great alternative is a personalized toy box!

A personalized toy box lets kids keep all of their favorite toys in one convenient place and it adds an extra special touch to a room emblazoned with your child’s name. If you’re a grandparent looking for a gift for a granddaughter or grandson, a personalized toy box is not only something a kid will love (especially if you start them out with one small toy stashed inside) but parents will love it too, because it will make their organization effort easier! For a family with multiple kids, a personalized toy box for each child makes even more room for storage!

We have found a great selection of personalized toy boxes with everything from a classic wooden chest that doubles as a bench to a storage locker that can make even little ones feel like a big kid. Check them out:

Personalized Toy Boxes


Personalized Open Toy BoxPersonalized Open Toy BoxKidKraft Personalized Austin Toy Box - NaturalKidKraft Personalized Austin Toy Box – NaturalKidKraft Personalized Sling Bookshelf - NaturalKidKraft Personalized Sling Bookshelf – NaturalKidkraft Personalized Kids Storage LockerKidkraft Personalized Kids Storage LockerKidKraft Personalized Austin Toy Box - VanillaKidKraft Personalized Austin Toy Box – VanillaKidkraft Personalized Toy CaddyKidkraft Personalized Toy Caddy

Which ever one you choose, it can help keep a child’s bedroom tidy and organized with a personalized toy box they can cherish for a long time!

Personalized Toy Boxes - Make toy organization fun with your child's name added for personalization!


  1. This is really neat. I always wanted the kids to have their own personalized toy box when they were little but I think even now one of these would work for storage of their stuff!

  2. We still use a toy box like that large one! Time for a paint job and some customization!

  3. Desiree Lopez says

    This toy box is so cute! My kids would enjoy having their own storage space especially a personalized storage like this.

  4. These are awesome! My grandkids are teens and I need to get a personalized toy box labeled… Video Games. It would make the playroom so much more organized.

  5. The little lockers are super cute. I think every young child needs a toy box because it is difficult for children to clean up a big mess if they are having to sort things and put multiple things in multiple places. What worked with my kids was having them pick up their mess and put it in the toy box. This way things were tidy until I could get in there and sort everything out again.

  6. John Smith says

    I think the box with the natural-wood look is very handsome!

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