INCREDIBLES 2 Printable Activity Sheets: Coloring Pages, Recipes and More

Printable Incredibles Activity Sheets

The family film INCREDIBLES 2 (rated PG) is now in theaters everywhere! For lots more in-depth information about the movie, be sure to visit us over at where we have an Incredibles 2 Spoiler Free Review and interviews with the cast. We absolutely LOVE this movie and just can’t get enough of it.


INCREDIBLES 2 Printable Activity Sheets

For lots of Incredibles 2 fun at home, we have this great group of Incredibles 2 Printable Activity Sheets. They are a fun way to recreate the thrill of the movie and relive the action and excitement at home. Cook up a few Incredibles-inspired recipes and then dive in while playing a fun memory game or coloring pages with your favorite Incredibles characters.

Mr. Incredible Coloring Sheet

Elastigirl Coloring Sheet

Violet Coloring Sheet

Dash Coloring Sheet

Jack-Jack Coloring Sheet

Cookie Recipe

Waffle Recipe


Memory Cards Game


Coupon Book

INCREDIBLES 2 is rated PG and in theaters everywhere NOW!

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  1. shelly peterson says

    Thanks for sharing these great activity sheets and recipes. We cant wait to see this movie.

  2. Bernie Wallace says

    My family is excited to see this movie. They loves the first incredibles. We are hoping to see it over the fourth of July.

  3. Some of my grandkids seen this movie last night (it was my grandson’s birthday).
    The said that they really liked it! I want to see this too, but it’s been so extremely hot and humid! Also the theaters are packed. My grandson ordered their ticked ahead of time.
    With the grandkids out on summer break from school, those coloring and activity sheets are much appreciated!!

  4. Thanks! My kids have been wanting some JackJack coloring pages and I haven’t been able to find some until now! 🙂

  5. Christopher S says

    MY son LOVES this movie. That is a ton of cool stuff I can show him and make a nice activity out of it! Thanks!

  6. My grandsons would love the coloring pages!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Marisela Zuniga says

    The jack jack page is so cute! My son would love these pages

  8. This was such a great movie! Thank you for the coloring pages. I’m sure the kids will enjoy them.

  9. Marisela Zuniga says

    We loved this movie!! Thanks for the pages

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