Baby Shark Printables: Coloring Sheet, Maze and Dance Moves

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Baby Shark Printable Activity Sheets

If you’re a parent, there’s no way you haven’t heard of the “Baby Shark” song. (Even my toddler tries to sing the song!) But did you know that there are Baby Shark books, too?

The first book in the series is basically the Baby Shark song you’ve heard, and now the second book in John John Bajet’s Baby Shark series is perfect for making bedtime fun!

Bedtime for Baby Shark Book

Take a bath, read Bedtime for Baby Shark, and follow along with the dance moves to a special “goodnight” version of the Baby Shark song! The book will be in stores and online Tuesday, June 25th.

To go along with the Baby Shark fun, we’ve got some Free Baby Shark Printables you can print and enjoy with your kids at home:

Baby Shark Coloring Sheet

Baby Shark Maze

Baby Shark Bedtime Dance Moves

Catch the next book in the series this September: Hide and Seek, Baby Shark!

Baby Shark Printable Activity Sheets

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