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Long-Lasting Bubbles Recipe

My girls really like to watch new shows and so when I heard that Teletubbies was coming back we were beyond excited. Teletubbies is celebrating “20 Years of Big Hugs” and there was nothing more perfect than to introduce my kids to something that I used to watch with my sister when we were younger.

We received three different Teletubbies DVDs to enjoy and to say that they have been playing on repeat around here is an understatement. These DVDs have such a positive message in them and my girls loved that they sing, dance and play on screen.

The TELETUBBIES: BUBBLES DVD will be out on June 20th and is jam packed with fun and entertainment. There are six all-new episodes feature Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. There are engaging segments in this DVD that allow the children to sing along to songs that are widely recognized such as, Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

The other two DVDs are TWINKLE TWINKLE and BIG HUGS. My four-year-old especially enjoyed the Twinkle Twinkle DVD and has asked for it by name ever since it arrived.

There are so many benefits to watching the Teletubbies for my two little ones. They are learning developmental skills as well as having a good time doing it. I love that my girls are learning cognitive skills and well as emotional ones while watching the Teletubbies DVDs. If they weren’t big on giving hugs before they definitely are now after watching all of their favorite characters giving them to each other. You can find out more about the developmental benefits of Teletubbies here.

Learn more about the Teletubbies on their website, Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

We also love bubbles around here and so we were excited when we were given an amazing recipe for the bubbles that set a WORLD RECORD. We were also sent a HUGE bubble wand, but the weather did not cooperate for us to be able to use that outdoors quite yet. So we made the solution and put it in our own tubes! It took a long time to be able to pop these bubbles, I can tell you that! Here is the recipe if you want to make it yourself:

Long-Lasting Bubbles Recipe


1.5 tablespoons guar gum powder
2-4 tablespoons rubbing alcohol (to make a guar slurry, before adding it to water)
3 gallons of HOT tap water
2 tablespoons of baking powder
20 oz. Dawn Power Clean Platinum dish soap

What you will need to do:

In a bucket, put the 3 gallons of the hottest tap water that you can and than add the baking powder.
Mix this up well so that there are no lumps left. Set aside.
Measure the guar gum powder into a small bowl and add enough of the rubbing alcohol to make it smooth. Make sure it will pour easily. This will take a minute using a fork.
Stir the water in the bucket and when it is moving quickly with a vortex in the center, pour in the guam slurry.
Than you want to gently mix in your dish soap. Be careful not to have it foam.

That’s it! You are all set to have some rockin’ bubble fun.
These Bubble Crafts and Activities include recipes for unbreakable bubbles, a DIY bubble refill station, painting with bubbles and more!

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  1. Lisa Brown says

    I like their bright colors and personalities

  2. What I love about the teletubbies show is how colorful everything is and how engaging and eye capturing the show is for my grandsons.

  3. James Robert says

    It is now down to my youngest who still watches and loves them. They seem to catch her attention and she loves them. My others are finally outgrowing them because of their age.

  4. bernie Wallace says

    I love Teletubbies because I see the joy in children when they watch them. Thanks for the giveaway. I hope that I win.

  5. shelly peterson says

    My grandsons have not watched them before. My grandsons love to sing and dance.

  6. susan smoaks says

    i love that teletubbies reminds me of when i was younger. it is so cute.

  7. Julie Wood says

    We love the Tellebubbies because they are fun to watch and they all have different personalities that my kids love!

  8. I’d like to watch them because of the cute characters and music.

  9. amy stonger says

    I love to watch because my daughter gets to sing and dance along. It’s her favorite thing to do.

  10. I love their bright colors and they are funny to watch.

  11. vickie couturier says

    I watched them with my kids and I would love for the grandkids to watch them too,,they learn a lot

  12. Margaret Smith says

    I love that they are so adorable and entertaining for kids.

  13. bill norris says

    i love it cause my kids love it.

  14. Sandy Klocinski says

    Sometimes we need a mentor to guide us — when we lose sight of our center, and our sense of well being. The Teletubbies are a reminder of this “better place” in much the same way that Robert Louis Stevenson’s “A Child’s Garden of Verses” and another famous story, “The Little Prince” are reminders.

  15. Adrienne Gordon says

    I love how silly the show is.

  16. Ellie Wright says

    I used to watch the Teletubbies with my children. Now I would love to introduce them to my granddaughter.

  17. I like how innocent they are but that they can teach valuable life lessons to kids

  18. Shannon Baas says

    They are fun to watch.

  19. Motionless Trees says

    I like the Teletubbies’ silliness.

  20. Cindy Merrill says

    Very wholesome show, the Teletubbies were one of the the first to address the issue of bullies, in an educational, yet fun skit.

  21. Julie Lundstrom says

    My son loves the Teletubbies. We have been collecting the DVD’s and VHS’s for years. I am so happy they are back and would love this for him.

  22. We love the colors and the music. It is mesmerizing for kids!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  23. Stephanie Phelps says

    I have always loved them because they keep her attention so well and she loves all the bright colors!

  24. One thing I love about Teletubbies is the bright colors, and also the way they talk and dance..

  25. Robin Abrams says

    My grand kids love Teletubbies they think they are so fun the way they dance around.

  26. I like the colorfulness of Teletubbies. kids are always excited to watch them dance.

  27. Kristen Benson says

    To be honest I find them sort of creepy lol. The baby in the sun freaks me out ?

  28. I love how colorful and educational Teletubbies are.

  29. I always thought the teletubbies were kind of sweet.

  30. i love that they are so cute and fun to watch with kids!

  31. I love them because they are cute and teach my son good habits! He finds them very entertaining which is a plus in my book!

  32. Cynthia C says

    I like that Teletubbies hold interest for younger children.

  33. Melvina M Julian says

    My granddaughter will love this.

  34. Charlene S. says

    I like that the show makes my 3 year old niece jump for joy. It is one of her faves.

  35. David Hollingsworth says

    I love how unique and out there they are; they each have their own distinct personalities.

  36. I like the songs they sing

  37. paige chandler says

    I love that they sing and dance and are so very adorable!

  38. I would like to start watching the Teletubbies with my niece because they have cute personalities and they live in a fun and colorful world.

  39. Mary Cloud says

    I love that it’s a good clean show that you can watch with your kids.

  40. l love to hear my little ones giggling while watching it.

  41. When my Granddaughter visits she asks to watch them. Her favorite is Dipsy.

  42. Richard Hicks says

    What I like about them is they are cute and kids learn lots from them

  43. I love those colors and the sun baby! Thank you so much!!

  44. My daughter loves it!

  45. Marty Crosson says

    I like that it’s gentle and non-frantic and that my kids aren’t bombarded with Teletubbies-endorsed products every time we go to the grocery store like some other kids TV characters *cough*Elmo*cough*

  46. Valerie Mabrey says

    I like telly tubbies because my kids use to watch it and now I my granddaughter will get to.

  47. gena viggiani says

    They are so colorful and happy all the time, I want that for my kids!

  48. Christine Labelle says

    My boys watched the Teletubbies when they were little. I would love to watch it with my daughters. I think that they would like to see what it is about.

  49. Theresa Jenkins says

    I take care of our great niece and this would keep her entertained for hours

  50. I used to watch it when my boys were little. Now they have kids. I think it would be so cool to share that with them as well.

  51. Steve Weber says

    The bright colors and the entertaining songs!

  52. I like that they are a family friendly show.

  53. I like that they are cute characters with fun personalities.

  54. Nicole Martin says

    My favorite character is Po.

  55. I like that the Teletubbies show the importance of being kind to friends and has great song/dance.

  56. My toddler loves the Teletubbies. They’re stinkin’ cute and are totally harmless fun entertainment for any little one.

  57. Mya Murphy says

    I’ve never watched it… I’m trying to win this for the children I volunteer for at the homeless shelter…

  58. beth shepherd says

    My kids and I love how cute and colorful they are. Thank you for the chance!

  59. Cynthia R says

    What I love about the Teletubbies is how much they love the Teletubbies. They love it so much I can sit them down in front of the TV and get something else done or just rest awhile.

  60. Susan Smith says

    We love the colors and the music in the show.

  61. I want to watch it because the characters are so cute!

  62. They are a positive influence and learn lessons from them

  63. Kyl Neusch says

    i’d like to watch them because of the cute characters and music.

  64. I’d love to win for my cousin! She loves this show! 🙂

  65. My girls love their cute voices and music

  66. I like that Teletubbies encourage kids to use their imagination.

  67. I like the bright colors and cheerfulness of the show.

  68. I like their bright colors and they are funny to watch.

  69. Susan Christy says

    Love the happy themes of the show and no violence.

  70. Patty Niedert says

    I’ve always loved the Teletubbies since my son was little over 20+ years ago. Now I’m anxious to watch them with my twin granddaugthers (age 4 months) in a few more months. I love the simplicity of the show for small children.

  71. Carly Daring says

    My son loves bubbles so I am sure he would love that DVD!

  72. My kids are too old but my Sunday School kids are not! It’s a harmless show.

  73. Teletubbies are cheerful to watch because of their bright colors and happy music.

  74. Bella Martinez says

    My niece loves the Teletubbies. She has a stuffed Po that she brings with her everywhere.

  75. They are great because they are cute, fun and colorful!!

  76. They have been around for a while and they are different colors.

  77. We used to watch Teletubies but everyone around here has aged out of them.

  78. Marilyn Nawara says

    I like their bright colors and the way they look — show is good for kids.

  79. My daughter is obsessed with teletubbies!

  80. Dana Rodriguez says

    I like that they are a good influence for kids.

  81. The colors. I love the colors. Plus, the actions are very baby related and catches their attention.

  82. because they’re fun to watch

  83. Angela Thorpe says

    I love how wholesome and fun they are

  84. Amanda lea says

    My daughter used to love these. Her younger nephews would like this dvds

  85. My daughter is much older now, but they were just a cute little show that you didn’t have to worry about.

  86. Collins White says

    My grandchildren would love to win!~

  87. I love that they are very friendly and always happy!

  88. I would like to watch teletubbies with my kids because they look so cute. I think they would enjoy it.

  89. Kelly McGrew says

    My nephew is very drawn to colors so I think he would enjoy that they are all colorful and unique!

  90. Julie Terry says

    I like that the teletubbies are very friendly, colorful and engaging for young children. My 2 year just recently watched teletubbies for the first time and now she is in love.

  91. Amy Deeter says

    The Teletubbies are so cute and they are so entertaining for children

  92. My kids like watching teletubbies! They think they’re funny

  93. I’ve liked them for years. Remember the brouhaha about the purse?
    Thanks for the contest.



  95. amanda whitley says

    my son likes that they are colorful and fun and loves music.

  96. I’ve always thought they were adorable and my son loved them too.

  97. sarah mayer says

    I like that Teletubbies hold interest for younger children.

  98. S. Whittle says

    The different colors in the show is very mesmerizing.

  99. I like them because they entertain my son.

  100. vivian blevins says

    there so adorable.

  101. I like that the Teletubbies are cheerful and that my kids enjoy watching them

  102. angie depue says

    I love that they re bright and colorful! So happy and cheerful! My kids love Teletubbies

  103. I heart Tinky Winky!

  104. Stephanie Liske says

    I love that they are teaching the kids.

  105. Erin Daly says

    I really love the calming scenery and music of the Teletubbies. They are fun but also not too stimulating to watch with young children.

  106. Amy Greenwood says

    I like that the Teletubbies are cute. They have bright, fun colors.

  107. Karen Drake says

    I would love to watch it with my Grandson because it is educational and fun.

  108. It might be interesting, we haven’t watched before.

  109. Jennifer Reed says

    Teletubbies are infectiously happy and the bright colors appeal to young children.

  110. Kathy Pease says

    My son watched them when he was young and now my granddaughter will..He love the singing

  111. They are super unique and came on the scene at the tail-end of my own childhood!

  112. Philip Lawrence says

    I would like to watch them with my grandchildren because I know they are worldwide famous and I would like for us to find out why and enjoy them together.

  113. I love there look and I think my little niece would love them

  114. I have not seen them yet, but have seen so many great reviews.

  115. I would like to watch them with my grandson, I really enjoy the music

  116. Elizabeth Miller says

    I like them because they are just so cute and cuddly looking. Laa Laa is precious.

  117. Laurie Emerson says

    I like how cute they are and how different they are from each other.

  118. They are one of a kind!

  119. Buddy Garrett says

    I like the Teletubbies because they are fun and educational.

  120. donna porter says

    I like Teletubbies because they are so bright and colorful. More than this kids love them so much and their faces just light up when they watch them.

  121. I think my Little’s would like to because its new to them!

  122. Jerry Marquardt says

    I love all of the Telerubbies but I especially love Tipsy the most of all of the original characters.

  123. My niece would love these activities!

  124. Looks like a ton of fun for the kiddos!

  125. Bubbles are always so much fun.

  126. Sarah Mathias says

    Bubbles are one activity that will never go out of style with kids.

  127. Nidhi Chauhan says

    I love how colorful and educational Teletubbies are! My son love watching them!

  128. “Bubbles” was one of my daughters first words, because she loves them so much. The sock bubble blower looks so cool!

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