Valentine Heart Garland with Pipe Cleaners and Beads

This is a fun (and cute) Valentine’s Day craft project that can get even the little tots involved.  Make a pretty garland to decorate for Valentine’s Day using just colored pipe cleaners and beads.

Pipe cleaners in red, pink and white
Clear pony beads

Making the garland is pretty easy.  First fold a pipe cleaner in half.  Let your little one string bead on each side of the crease.  You can decide if you want lots or a little.  (Keep in mind that it will get heavy with lots of beads!)

Once the beads are on, bend each side of the pipe cleaner into a curve, making a heart shape and twist other ends together to keep in shape.  For each additional heart, loop it through the previous shape before twisting shut.

We had a great time making these, but Little R actually had MORE fun making his own creations out of the pipe cleaners and beads!



  1. This is so cute And I know we can do this for one of our art projects in the next week–Littles love pipe cleaners–some times I find them in the oddest places– thanks for an idea


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