Zoobooks Ultimate Dino & Reptile Set – 5 Books, 2 Posters, and 12 Dino Action Figures!

Got a dinosaur fan to shop for? Your dinosaur enthusiast will LOVE this awesome Ultimate Dino & Reptile 5-Book Set for only $25 right now at Zoobooks.com! This is $20 off the regular price of $45.

This fun set includes five books, two posters, and twelve hand-painted dinosaur action figures in a cool carrying case. It’s perfect for kiddos between the ages of six to twelve.

Here’s the breakdown of what’s included:

  • 5 Books: Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Activity Book, Snakes, Turtles & Tortoises, Alligators & Crocodiles
  • 2 Posters: Dinosaurs features 32 dinos; Life through Time shows life through the ages
  • 12 Dino Action Figures: hand painted from Safari in a clear carrying case

Get yours HERE!

PS – Zoobooks also has some awesome magazines for kids with prices starting at just $19.95/year!

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