Para’kito Mosquito Repellent Review + Reader Giveaway

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Para'kito Mosquito Repellent review & giveaway

I’m not sure where you all live, I live in Minnesota, most people around here joke that our state bird is the Mosquito.  Even with that being said, we all look forward to the change of seasons. We eagerly anticipate spending more time outdoors in summer.  It’s always a struggle though, finding the perfect thing to keep themosquitos away.  Perhaps you have seen the news, it’s getting to be even more of a struggle since mosquitos are also carrying disease.

PARA’KITO resolves all these worries & concerns with its line of colorful and waterproof refillable wristbands and clips. Also safe for pregnant women who cannot use harsh sprays, PARA’KITO has quickly positioned itself as a global leader in natural, DEET-free mosquito repellent alternatives. With a pleasant smell of citronella, PARA’KITO’s scientifically-proven blend of essential oils repels mosquitoes. Packed into a kid-friendly pellet that sits comfortably in the pouch of a band or clip, you can rest assured the little ones will be safe from the following of our least favorite bugs this spring and summer.


We have two daughters and one of the most difficult things with having kids is trying to decide what is safe or not safe.  I try my best to read up things and made good decisions. We are all busy people though, there’s only so much time to read up on every single product out there.  Who can possibly do that? We all have to pick and choose the most important health concerns and try to be as informed as we can. PARA’KITO really seems like a great company, I can tell by the FAQ area on their website they really want to help save parents time in the researching process.


Deet is one of the things I struggle with, deciding how much kids should be exposed to.  Since I am still trying to make the most informed decision on it, I try to limit the exposure my kids have. I was excited to learn the PARA’KITO Mosquito Repellent is Deet free.  The band is comfortable, and adjustable with Velcro so it works for kids and adults. I liked that there is no spray involved in this product. We all know how super fun that is to use the bug sprays!

Reader Giveaway: One lucky Jinxy Kids reader will receive two PARA’KITO wrist bands.

To enter, just complete the entry form below by 11:59pm on 5/30/16. Good luck!



  1. Ruy Morris says:

    I learned that Para’kito Mosquito Repellent is natural and DEET-free, which is very appealing.

  2. I would wear this while mowing the grass. Here in NC the mosquitoes are horrible

  3. I would be most likely to use the wrist bands any time I’m outdoors.

  4. vickie couturier says:

    I would use this when we go to the lake for the day

  5. Kathy Lane says:

    I would wear this when I go camping and fishing. The mosquitoes are really bad at these times!

  6. Richard Hicks says:

    I would use when working in our yard. Mosquitoes are bad around here as we have a lake nearby

  7. We cannot stand those pesky buggers, thank you so much for this!

  8. Its natural and Deet free! Living in Florida this would be so “handy” lol!

  9. Derrick Johnson says:

    I would use this when we have our BBQ cookouts.

  10. Meghan B says:

    I really like that it is natural!

  11. We live in the South,so as soon as it gets warm they’re out. We need those as soon as the sun goes down to. They are bad here.

  12. Emily Benzing says:

    I love how natural it is, I feel safe using it for my wrist.. it doesn’t have anything harmful. I would definitely use these when it starts to get humid and hot. Mosquitos are very popular where I live so these would come in to so much use!

  13. Heather says:

    I like that it is natural. My daughters get eaten up by mosquitoes and could use these products.

  14. Stacie H says:

    I love that it’s waterproof and safe for pregnant women because I was concerned about mosquitos when we go to the beach this summer because I’m pregnant.

  15. LaTanya says:

    I would use them whenever we went outside

  16. Cindy Merrill says:

    We plan to go fiddle heading this weekend; this is an occasion when these bracelets would be very useful.

  17. Debbie F says:

    I would most likely wear it on my morning runs.
    I don’t get bit when I’m running but the second I stop to work out a tight muscle or stretch afterwards BOOM! the mosquitos attack.
    it’s really annoying.

  18. Cindy Peterson says:

    I like the idea of no Deet and easy to wear

  19. Melissa says:

    I would use this when we go hiking since one of our favorite spots is near water and lots of trees.

  20. Madison says:

    I would wear it this summer when all the bugs come out, certainly not looking forward to it!

  21. The Char says:

    I would use it because of the dang mosquitos by my pond!

  22. Michelle Coles says:

    I would have to wear this anytime I go outdoors but the mosquitoes attack me right away!

  23. Pamela Dugan says:

    I learned that it is EASY and SAFE to use! Would LOVE to try these out!

  24. Marti Tabora says:

    I love that they are deet free, I worry about a lot of chemicals and that is one of them. We would wear them every time we go out. We live in the south and mosquitoes are really bad. Thank you.

  25. Linda Bradshaw says:

    I would love to have this when I am working in my garden or sitting outside enjoying the sunset. The mosquitoes eat me up!

  26. I would use this outside this summer on hikes

  27. Rosanne says:

    I like that it is deet free and uses essential oils instead. We would be using them when we visit the Virgin Islands this summer and try to keep the zika virus @ bay.

  28. Sarah L says:

    I like that it uses essential oils instead of deet. I’d use it on my back patio.
    Thanks for the contest.

  29. Angela Saver says:

    I would wear the wrist bands when we are outside on the deck hanging out at night!

  30. Melissa S says:

    We work in our yard almost every evening during the warm months and the mosquitoes are terrible. I would love to have these.

  31. My daughter would wear this when she’s playing in the yard.

  32. Betsy Barnes says:

    I learned that Para’Kito uses only natural active ingredients and is Deet-Free 🙂

  33. Francine Anchondo says:

    I will use them when we go camping or hanging out outdoors.

  34. Birdiebee says:

    I would use it during the summer months at the lake cabin and here in town where we have a lot of mosquitoes.

  35. I would love to have this to wear while I hike around my local hills.

  36. Katie K says:

    I would use them while gardening and avoid getting my normal mosquito attacks!!

  37. Jessica To says:

    I will probably use them when I am cutting brush and tree limbs in my yard.

  38. They would most likely be used when working in the yard or while fishing In one way it is good that they are DEET free, but it is a little concerning that tests have proven that DEET is about the best mosquito repellent presently available..

  39. I learned that it’s DEET free.

  40. Brigitte B says:

    I would the PARA’KITO Mosquito Repellent Wrist Band every time I go to a backyard BBQ. I rather talk and socialize than spend my time waving away Mosquitoes.

  41. Lisa V. says:

    I would most use while I’m backpacking.

  42. Erica B. says:

    I would use these when running.

  43. susan smoaks says:

    i would use this when i walk the dog and take her out to go to the bathroom. i love that it is all natural.

  44. Kendra Noble says:

    I would most likely wear these when we go camping. We love camping

  45. Carolyn Daley says:

    I would use the wristband when sitting out on the patio with family or going for walks in the evening.

  46. jmahurin40 says:

    I would like 2 try the parakito mosquito repellent wrist band while I was out in the garden ,yard, or on the fish bank.

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