Newspaper Shirts – An Easy, Fun and Silly Craft Project!

Newspaper Shirt Craft Project

Last week we were in need of a craft project.  I didn’t have anything in mind, so somehow came up with the idea of making newspaper clothing!  It turned out to be way more fun than I imagined and will definitely be back on the to-do list in the future!


2 large sheets of newspaper (preferably the comics or pages with color)
pen/crayon/or marker
clear tape

  • Have the “shirt-wearer” lie down with their torso fully on a sheet of newspaper. Trace around torso, arms and shoulders, leaving about 3″ extra space on all sides.
  • Stack one sheet on top of the other and cut through both on the marked outline.
  • Tape the two sheets together at the outer shoulder mark and slip sheets over your child’s head. Use tape to seal up the rest of the “seams”.

Note:  Don’t make the same mistake we did and try to tape it together before putting it on!



  1. I really like this neat project for the kid’s. We are going to try this soon.

  2. Tami Vollenweider says

    Love this idea for the kids,will try soon!

  3. cheryla lister says

    Cute and frugal idea.

  4. Vickie Couturier says

    interesting ideal,,the grandkids would like this im sure

  5. Jerry Marquardt says

    This is a silly craft idea for dressing up a shirt. I thank you for the bright idea.


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