Disney Junior’s PLAYTIME WITH PUPPY DOG PALS Now Available on DVD + Reader Giveaway

They say that a dog is man’s best friend…and that goes for kids, too, of course! Now we have a whole bunch more doggie friends with all of the Puppy Dog Pals! Your kids might already be fans from watching Puppy Dog Pals on Disney Junior, but now that fun is all wrapped up with brand new DVD that is now available: Disney Junior’s PLAYTIME WITH PUPPY DOG PALS!

Travel the world with your favorite pug pals as they play and save the day. Puppy brothers Bingo and Rolly are back and are headed on some amazing missions: deep-sea diving in the Great Barrier Reef, fetching a four-leaf clover in Ireland, running all over Down Under, and much more! You can also meet their brand-new puppy pal Keia in two exciting bonus episodes. Packed with action, music and a ton of silly fun, these playtime adventures will leave you howling with laughter!

Episodes on this DVD collection include:

  • The Great Pug-scape / Luck of The Pug-ish
  • Scuba-Doggies / Walking the Bob
  • Captain Rolly / The Coolest Dogs in Town
  • The Legend of Ol’ Snapper / Adventures in Puppy-Sitting
  • Bob’s Boomerang / Fetch That Fish
  • *Bonus* A New Pup in Town / The Last Pup-icorn
  • *Bonus* Keia’s New Doghouse / The Fang Fairy
  • *Bonus* 8 “Playtime with Puppy Dog Pals” shorts

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Reader Giveaway: One lucky Jinxy Kids reader will win Playtime with Puppy Dog Pals on DVD. To enter, just complete the entry form below by 11:59 pm ET on 2/11/19. Good luck!

Playtime with Puppy Dog Pals DVD Giveaway


  1. “Tell us about your favorite pet AND/OR let us know who will be enjoying this DVD if you win.” I think everyone here will enjoy this if I win!

  2. Abigail Gibson says

    I enjoy having my chihuahua each and every day. He is a true blessing.

  3. Julie Lundstrom says

    We have a beagle and a guinea pig. We love dogs and guinea pigs.

  4. LeAnn Harbert says

    This will be for all of my granddaughters to watch.

  5. My favorite pet is our dog. My kids would love this and be watching it.

  6. My favorite pet is our dog. She’s a Jack Russell Terrier. I would enjoy watching this DVD with my grandsons!

  7. bernie wallace says

    My nephew would enjoy this dvd if I won. He enjoys watching this show.

  8. Elizabeth Miller says

    This is my granddaughter and mine favorite show to watch together. We made sure she got the playset for Christmas and we play it together. We would love to have this dvd for her to watch because we love this show and the characters.

  9. crystle tellerday says

    all my pets are my favorite and I will watch this with my little cousin

  10. Melanie Johnson says

    My 8 yr old would love this dvd.

  11. Keri Justice says

    My son James who is 4 will be enjoying this if I win. We have 2 wonderful dogs.

  12. My granddaughter will be enjoying the movie if we win

  13. Antoinette M says

    My daughter would enjoy this movie.

  14. My cousin would enjoy this :]

  15. Would love to watch with my Granddaughter

  16. Rebecca Snodgrass says

    Love to watch with my granddaughter!

  17. My favorite pets are guinea pigs

  18. Kenneth Helmick says

    I have 3 cats, but I can’t pick a favorite. My nieces would love this DVD

  19. Jaime mcgraw says

    My sweet daughter Emma loves puppy dog pals. She’s been wearing thier house slippers all day. She’s be so excited to get thier dvd in the mail!

  20. Becky McClure says

    My granddaughters would love this awesome prize.

  21. My grandson (just 1) stops everything when these pooches get on the TV screen. He loves them!

  22. Debbie Jensen says

    If i win my 5 year old nephew will be enjoying this movie! He loves puppy pals

  23. Brooke Rose says

    We have 2 pomeranians and 4 kitties.. 3 blue russians and 1 tuxedo. They will be enjoying this movie with us~ Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  24. Oh our little one would be loving this DVD! He is a huge Puppy Dog Pals fan! His favorite dog is our two labs…Buddy and Bella!

  25. My favorite pet is my baby pig, Willy! He’s so adorable but boy can he squeal loud!

  26. Danielle Blades says

    it would be for my friend’s little one because i LOVE spoiling him and he would love this!!

  27. Leslie Davis says

    I’d give this to my friend’s kids.

  28. Leslie Davis says

    I’d like to win for my friend’s kids.

  29. Brigitte Bauman says

    I would watch this dvd with my niece.

  30. Leslie Hopp says

    I would love this for my daughter

  31. My daughters would love it!

  32. Katherine S says

    We love our dog…he is like one of our kids. I think all my kids would love it if I win.

  33. Courtney H. says

    My childhood dog, Pepper, was my favorite pet. My nieces would enjoy this!

  34. Courtney H. says

    My favorite pet was my childhood dog, Pepper. My nieces would love this!

  35. would be for my nephew!

  36. Donna Teller says

    My 3 dogs are all my favorites and I would enjoy this with my nephew.

  37. Débora jaqueline de paula sousa says

    my cat

  38. Dolores Miranda says

    We have a wonderful dog named Sierra!!

  39. I love my Woodstock 🙂

  40. I’ll be watching with my granddaughter, and our favorite current pet is our dog Play Doh.

  41. My kids will enjoy

  42. vera wilson says

    Always like to have a dog for the kids. Helps to teach them to have something to take csre of an d found that the black labs also a loyal friend to them.

  43. Shelley Joy P says

    My little girl would love this DVD. She is obsessed with dogs LOL

  44. Mrs. Kenneth a Ohl says

    my favorite pet is our beautiful Danny our beloved yellow lab

  45. I love French Bulldogs. I would share this with my sons.

  46. My son loves dogs! He would love this!

  47. my kids wouls all enjoy this to watch

  48. Quanda Dykstra says

    My favorite pet is my Doberman furbaby, Prince (Albert). And my smaller granddaughter would love to watch this DVD with me.

  49. My son would be enjoying this DVD if I win!

  50. My favorite pet was a kitty named Pumpkin. I would love to share this DVD with my 2 daughters that adore Puppy Dog Pals. They pretend to be Bingo and Rollie sometimes. So cute.

  51. Meredith Brooks says

    I would share this with my 4yr old cousin i watch daily if I won! We love to watch Puppy Dog Pals. Super cute show!

  52. My grandchildren would certainly enjoy watching this!

  53. My favorite pet is my little dog named Dozer. My niece would love this.

  54. Harley-dog will love this show.

  55. Brenda Elsner says

    My son would love this!!! We don’t have any dogs at the moment, but my son loves his grandpas dog and sometimes we will bring him home for awhile.

  56. My favorite pet is my Odin Dog!! Best Pup I have ever owned. Thank you

  57. Dynal Roberson says

    I would share this DVD with my daughter

  58. my favorite pet is my cat chevy my sons favorite animal is my dog riley shes a lab

  59. I love my lab. My newphews love this show, they would love this dvd if I won.

  60. Mary Jacobowitz says

    I would give this to my friend’s little ones.

  61. I would like to win this for my granddaughter 🙂

  62. This would be for Emily!

  63. Joni Chadwell says

    we lost our Ellie Mae, a chocolate lab last August. What a sweetie. My husband has his heart set on getting a Westie. We have had Basset Hounds too. Gotta love ’em all!!!

  64. Audrey Stewart says

    We love all animals. This will be enjoyed by our 4 year old Samantha. She loves puppies.

  65. Philip Lawrence says

    If I win, my grandchild will be enjoying the DVD.

  66. Vicki Briggs says

    I would love to watch with my grandsons ❤️

  67. Deanna Turner says

    My chihuauah is my favorite pet.

  68. I will be enjoying this with my 2 daughters if I win because they are big fans of the show!

  69. We have the best rescue dog ever! My littles would love to win this!

  70. Janet Boyanton says

    We have cats, one thinks he is my grandsons brother! My 2-year old grandson will enjoy this.

  71. Stephanie Liske says

    This will be for my daughter.

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