Groundhog Day Craft and Activity Ideas for Kids

  Groundhog Day is coming up soon on February 2nd. To celebrate this unusual holiday, we have collected these fun Groundhog Day craft and activity ideas to keep the little ones occupied and learn a bit about the legend of the groundhog who tells us whether we'll have an early spring or six more … [Read more...]

FREE Printable Groundhog Day Word Search Puzzle

Groundhog Day is almost here! I always think fondly of February 2nd because it was my kindergarten teacher's birthday. All these years later I still think of her every year on Groundhog Day. To celebrate this year, I made this fun Groundhog Day Word Search Puzzle. The Groundhog Day Word Find … [Read more...]

Groundhog Day Craft Activity with Printable Pattern

Groundhog Day is almost here and what better way for kids to prepare than to make their own groundhog that sticks his head up out of the ground to look for his shadow. This craft is very fun and only uses simple items you'll have around the house. To make it easier, we have even created a … [Read more...]