Printable Easter Word Search Puzzle

It's almost time for Easter! Here in Minnesota Easter is always a "tricky" holiday because it reminds us of springtime with baby animals, flowers and all that cute stuff. BUT, we usually still have some snow on the ground and things don't really look much like spring! This year I know we're not the … [Read more...]

Easter Basket Candy Alternatives

Name a holiday and it usually comes with some sort of candy accompaniment. Valentine's Day = box of chocolates. Christmas = candy canes. Easter = baskets filled with candy. And yes, it can be fun to indulge and give our kids treats, but if you're looking for some Easter basket candy alternatives to … [Read more...]

Printable Religious Easter Word Search Puzzle

While Easter can be one of the most fun holidays to celebrate with all the candy, adorable bunnies and egg hunts, for Christians it is also the most religiously significant holiday because it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Many of our most enjoyable Easter traditions have religious … [Read more...]

Fill Your Kids’ Easter Baskets with National Geographic Kids Books + Reader Giveaway!

When I was growing up, my family had a different Easter basket tradition from the normal "hunt for it Easter morning" practice. Instead, my mom put together Easter baskets for us kids a couple weeks before Easter, and then we were allowed to have a little bit of candy from it each day. Honestly, I … [Read more...]

Funny Bunny Craft – Foam Crafting Fun!

Bunnies are super cute, but they can also be funny - especially when you make this Funny Bunny Craft! We love bunnies and by making them on craft sticks, it's easy to make them hop all over the place and, with googly eyes, it's easy to shake them and watch those eyes move! This craft is easy to … [Read more...]

Make Hollow Chocolate Eggs with Balloons!

Sweet treats are a big part of the Easter fun. Making your own treats can be even MORE fun than eating them! Today we're going to show you how to make hollow chocolate eggs with balloons. We used our finished candy eggs to hold pudding for a pretty Easter dessert, but you can fill yours with … [Read more...]

Printable Easter Word Search Puzzle

Printable Easter Word Search Puzzle  Easter will soon be here and with it will be coming all things sweetness and spring! We have taken these Easter related words and created this free printable Easter word search puzzle! You'll find words describing Easter treats like candy and chocolate, … [Read more...]

Chuck E. Cheese’s Printable Easter Egg Holders

Chuck E. Cheese's Printable Easter Egg Holders   Here is some cute Easter fun for your little Chuck E. Cheese's fans!  Grab these Chuck E. Cheese's printable Easter Egg Holders HERE.  Then your kids can color them, cut out and tape in a circle to hold their favorite Easter eggs.  Looking for … [Read more...]

FREE Printable Bambi and Friends Easter Egg Wrappers

How cute are these? Bambi and his forest friends are just perfect for Spring and now they are decorating these FREE printable Bambi & Friends Egg Wrappers.  Just print them out on regular paper or cardstock and cut them out. Then, wrap each one around a hard boiled egg or plastic egg and tape … [Read more...]

Mini Egg Cup Easter Baskets Craft Project

Create cute little mini Easter baskets using the cups from a styrofoam egg carton.  (You could also use a cardboard carton, but you may want to use paints in that case.)  Mini Egg Cup Easter Baskets Craft  Supplies: Styrofoam Egg Carton Pipe … [Read more...]