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Brooklyn Cloth Boys Clothes

You want your kids to express their individual style, but you probably don’t want to spend big bucks to allow them to do so. Exciting news: Brooklyn Cloth now has a line of kids’ clothing!

Brooklyn Cloth is a fashion-forward line in the juniors market that is now offering kids’ products with fresh designs at a low price point. Created to fit the laid-back, yet distinguished child that roams the boroughs of New York City, the design team mirrors this demographic and lifestyle. (But you don’t have to live in NYC to wear these clothes, of course!)

For Little R, the way his clothes feel are just as important as how they look. He is a big fan of these Surfer Tie Dye Swim Trunks and basically wanted to wear them the whole time we were in Costa Rica. He also gave top marks to the super comfy twill jogger pants – which also look awesome!

brooklyn cloth boys swim trunks

These clothes go beyond the standard kids’ clothes as the makers design their own fabrics, beginning from the yarn level, focusing on items such as joggers, shorts, and tees. The vibe of these kids’ clothes is all about energy and attitude, capturing the bustling streets and vibes of the East Coast.

This new line from Brooklyn Cloth is perfect for kids who aren’t defined by one fashion or style and who like to change up their looks depending on their mood.

Brooklyn Cloth Clothes for Kids



  1. shelly peterson says

    Looks like a great clothing line. My grandsons would like this.

  2. Marisela Zuniga says

    The clothes looks great! The camo jacket looks nice

  3. John Smith says

    Those jackets have a nice sense of urban cool!

  4. My children need some new summer clothes, so this looks like a great place to check out!

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