Family Fun: Tugie and Sock Puppet Charades + Reader Giveaway

Game night is always fun at our house.  Deciding what game we will play is usually half the fun! Sometimes we dust off an oldie, but this time we were able to try out a couple of  new games and change things up a bit. The two games are both Parent Choice Award Winners, so we were anxious to see how … [Read more...]

FREE Cursive Handwriting Worksheets

With Computers, phones and all the rest of the technology of today, it seems that Cursive has sort of taken a back seat for kids. Our kids are going into 6th grade this year.  The only time I saw cursive being taught was in 3rd grade.  They learned how to write all the letters in cursive.  Now … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Encouraging Kids To Play

I grew up on a farm, but am now raising two kids in the suburbs. We are close enough to the city to experience many cultural things, and yet still within biking distance of a corn field or a park to wander through the woods.  My parents still have the farm, but the barn is not full of cows … [Read more...]

WishenPoof Amazon Original Series – Learning Fun for Pre-Schoolers

Starting this week, August 14th there will be a fun new series available on Amazon Prime called"Wishenpoof".  My favorite part of being an Amazon Prime Member is finding all of the great Amazon Original Series, especially the ones for kids. Wishenpoof is an Amazon Original Series with some great … [Read more...]

Puro Sound Kids Wireless Headphones Review + Giveaway

If your kids love listening to music, but you're concerned about what all that headphone-wearing might be doing to their hearing, you'll want to check out Puro Headphones. Puro specializes in high end headphones with a passion for hearing health and superior sound quality at reasonable price. They … [Read more...]

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