PlayTape Classic Road Series Reader Giveaway

PlayTape Classic Road Series Reader Giveaway

If there is one thing that can keep car-loving littles occupied for a long time at a stretch, it’s playing with their Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars! While it can be fun to zoom them anywhere around the room, including over the furniture, it’s even more fun when there is an actual road to drive them on!

Printed to look like a road, PlayTape Classic Road Series is a roll of removable tape that’s just perfect for playing with your little one’s toy cars. It’s the fastest way to create roads for imaginative play, display, or even for decoration. You can make instant roads, anytime, anywhere!

PlayTape has been specifically designed to bring hours of imaginative entertainment at minimal cost and maximal convenience. With just one roll of PlayTape Classic Road Series, you can create a road or even a whole city. Use the toy cars you already have to drive on PlayTape. Use the blocks and toy buildings you already have to build a town through which traffic flows on your PlayTape roads. The possibilities are just about endless!

Product Features and Benefits:
· Ideal for creating roads for playing with toy cars, trains, etc.
· Sticks to any flat surface
· Easy-tear, made of paper, no scissors required
· Repositionable – mistake proof!
· Easy removal, leaves no residue
· Ideal for children of all ages 3+, including adult hobbyists
· Imagination-centric, with no batteries, no electronics, and no screens
· Easily stored and transported. Take fun everywhere!
· Toxin-free, disposable, and recyclable
· 100% made in the USA
· U.S. Patent Pending

Age range: 3 years and up
Available Colors: Black, Orange, Red, Blue, Purple
Available Sizes: 30’ long by 2” wide, 60” long by 2” wide (Black Only), 30’ long by 4” wide (Black Only)
MSRP: 30’ by 2” ($8.99); 60’ by 2” ($13.99); 30’ by 4” ($13.99)
Product link:

Where to buy: Available at Walmart.

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  1. Julie Lundstrom says:

    This looks easy to use and something that my son would have many hours of fun with. You can buy the tape individually so you can make the road as big as you would like.

  2. This looks like a great way to let my son be creative.

  3. Erin Will says:

    I love that they are easy to remove and easy to tear! This would defintely keep my son distracted from electronics, in fact my daughter and whole family would enjoy this!

  4. Daniel M says:

    my nephew would love it

  5. vickie couturier says:

    I have 7 grandsons that would love playing with this at my house

  6. Lori Walker says:

    My nephew would be playing with this if I win.

  7. I would be playing this with my son.

  8. Marilyn Nawara says:

    Looks like a winner! I learned that the tape sticks to any flat surface and is easy to tear and reposition — no residue and it’s recyclable. I like that it’s 100% made in the USA.

  9. Darcy Koch says:

    I learned this can stick to walls, etc. without causing any damage. My 2 grandsons would play with this and enjoy it.

  10. Susan Hartman says:

    This sounds fabulous. My grandson is crazy about playing with his cars. He has a mat thats small and is always rolling up. He could change this roadway without leaving residue.

  11. My son and nephew will play with it

  12. Love that it won’t ruin your floors!

  13. My daughter would play with it. We made her a painted plywood ‘town’ for her Matchbox cars, with roads to drive around in, but this would be even cooler since she could create and re-create the layout herself.

  14. jeremy mclaughlin says:

    My nephew would love this, love how it wont ruin the floor

  15. Mary Cloud says:

    I like that it’s made in the USA – I wish I had something like that when I was younger

  16. Charlene S. says:

    I learned that it sticks to any flat surface and is repositionable, making it mistake-proof. It got a 5 star review too.

  17. Erin Madigan says:

    I would be playing with my nephew with this! (His parents would also love that it won’t hurt their floors!)

  18. This is so neat! My kids would love this!! What a great product!

  19. angela smith says:

    I would play with my son with it if i won

  20. beth shepherd says:

    I like how it will stick to the walls. So cool. THank you!

  21. I would be playing with my 2 grandson age 6 and 1/2 and 2 and 1/2.

  22. My cousin would enjoy playing with this.

  23. All my kids would love playing with this.

  24. Jeanna Massman says:

    My grandson would loves this. He plays with his cars all the time.

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