Celebrate Milestones with HAPPY DREAMER + Reader Giveaway

In every life we have milestone moments: the first day of kindergarten, losing a first tooth, getting a driver's license graduation, marriage, birth of a child - - so many things! Peter H. Reynolds' latest inspirational picture book, Happy Dreamer, is designed to celebrate milestone moments for any … [Read more...]

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Give the Gift of Reading with Cricket Media’s Double the Giving + Reader Giveaway

When I was a child I LOOOOVED Cricket Magazine. Actually, my mom started my subscription, right at the beginning of its publication...back in 1973. Since then they have added other magazines to the Cricket Media family, but they all hold to the same principle of quality literature for children. … [Read more...]

Super Sticker Activity Books Reader Giveaway

What kid doesn't like stickers?!? I remember my sister and I LOVING stickers when we were little - almost to the extreme. I actually still have some of the stickers I grew up collecting. They are hard to part with! Fast forward all these years laters and our newest generation is loving stickers just … [Read more...]

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51 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes + Reader Giveaway

Some of our very favorite craft projects are taking items that would usually be garbage (or recycling) and turning them into whole new creations. There is a treasure of craft supplies right in your discard pile! For some great ideas on using two of these staples: cardboard tubes and egg cartons, we … [Read more...]

James Patterson Treasure Hunters – Action for Kids!

For a kid who basically hated reading about a year ago, Little R has done a complete 180. We're not quite sure what flipped the switch, but he now reads books as fast as he can get them. This summer has been filled with a LOT of reading and several times he has complained that the has already read … [Read more...]

Unofficial Minecraft Lab for Kids – Reader Giveaway

If you know a child as obsessed with Minecraft as Little R is, you probably know that they would be happy to spend 24 hours a day in front of the screen immersed in their world. While that doesn't sound anywhere near ideal, you can take that love of Minecraft and put it to good use with fun … [Read more...]

National Geographic Kids Meets The Angry Birds Movie! + Reader Giveaway

If your kids are fans of The Angry Birds Movie, they are going to love the fact that National Geographic Kids has teamed up with the Angry Birds!  Yes, you read that correctly.  National Geographic Kids Books is going Hollywood with the release of the ONLY official movie tie-in book with a … [Read more...]

Learn Unexpected Lessons with the Life of Fred Books

Kids learn in many different ways, including applying skills to real life.  Help your children learn better math with the Life Of Fred program.  This book series integrates math concepts with exciting stories about a 5-year-old math genius, along with helpful tips that aren't normally taught in … [Read more...]

Start Loving Books Early: Bluebee Pal: A Young Reader’s Bestie

Do you remember your first favorite book? I know that mine was titled Jim Jump. I never forget it because every once in a while my mom will start quoting the first lines of the book: "Here is a pony, Jim Jump is his name. He likes to run races and play any game that the other colts do." She read … [Read more...]

Explore the Outdoors National Geographic Kids Books Giveaway

We are soooo excited about spring finally making its way here. We haven't been happy about all the weather setbacks here in  Minnesota recently. Below freezing days do NOT make it feel like spring. But, no matter the weather, we know that the warmer days and spring fun are right around the … [Read more...]

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