Free National Park Service Annual Pass for All 4th Grade Students

Do you have a child in fourth grade, or will they be in 4th grade next year? If so, you want to know about this program! Every Kid In A Park offers a FREE annual pass to all National Park Service Federal Lands and Waters for 4th graders and their families.  You can explore dozens of places with no … [Read more...]

Time-Out for Parents with Luvs NightLock Plus #WhatULuv

Imagine, if you will, those mornings that you got to sleep in, the long showers that were beyond relaxing, watching your favorite TV show cuddled up on your couch.  You literally had no worries in the world. Those were the days, am I right? Now fast forward- your toddler is throwing all their … [Read more...]

Microsoft Surface Pro: Perfect Tablet for Kids! + Giveaway

We live in an electronic world.  Electronics are taking over so many aspects of life that it is really quite remarkable how far technology has come.  The Microsoft Surface Pro is no different.  These tablets are perfect for children of all ages.  From just learning motor skills to all the way … [Read more...]

Amazon Prime Photos New Features for Your Family Photos + $500 Gift Card Giveaway!

Is your phone full of all your priceless memories in photographs? Have  you dumped your phone onto your other photo storage apps just to have them say your "storage is full". FRUSTRATING! So now what do you do?  You simply can not leave them all on your phone forever - especially since it only has … [Read more...]

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